About Us

With Love & Coffee was created on just that, lots of love and lots of coffee. My now middle child has always love bling. She is obsessed with all that shimmers, shines and most of all sparkles. It was her that drove the idea of With Love & Coffee. She is now my 4 year old sidekick, letting me know what's beautiful and what's 'bleh'. We have set down permanent roots in Saskatoon, SK (I say permanent but those that have followed from the beginning know it took awhile to get here).

I have to thank you all for your continued support for our small shop. Since 2017 we have continuously sought out the best quality materials while trying to remain unique with our style and keep our prices low. Without all of your support and patience while we grow it would not be possible.

We encourage creativity, so if you have something specific in mind don't hesitate to reach out, one of the best parts of this journey is creating meaningful pieces for your all your special moments.

We value our family here at With Love & Coffee, and you are a HUGE part of it. Without you, we wouldn't exist; so thank-you for taking us on this amazing adventure.

 -- Jessie